Remembering others through candles.
April 28, 2021

Remembering others through candles.

I remember talking about my Uncle Owen with my dad, but not for long. The first conversations about my Uncle going to World War 2 as a pilot were always  short and full of facts, not much emotion. As time went by, and my father grew older, the conversations were still short but I saw the hurt and grieving come through in his voice and on his face.

At Anzac day I now burn a candle all day to remember my Uncle and revisit the sacrifice he and thousands others made. But also to help bring peace to his memory, the peace that I don't think my father ever had.

A tradition I learnt very early in our candle making days was to light a candle when a friend or family member dies.  It bring a stable light to a very sad time. Some light the candle at the time they hear of the person passing and continue to burn it until the candle finishes, sometimes going for days.

Others burn the candle when they can't be at a funeral. I did this recently when a close friend passed away but I was not able to attend the celebration of his life.  A candle helped me remember all the good times we had.

Another belief is that burning a candle helps the soul move upwards and ascend to the next stage of their life. What a wonderful ceremony. 

What are your traditions for remembering someone you miss?

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