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New Home for Happy Flame! Presents for everyone to celebrate!

February 07, 2019

Happy Flame new home

We were busy over the New Year moving into our new Happy Flame home. We lovingly call it shed4BEE!

It is a special place for us to work, lots of natural light, high ceilings and even/flat floors!

So much space which allows us to work "easier," which is good for our minds and bodies :)  Its amazing how much easier it is when everything has a place.

We now have everything set out, our melting equipment, candle moulds ready to go and beeswax close by. So nice to have all in the one spot.

Happyh Flame outlet

A little shop/outlet out the front! At last, a place you can visit us and see all the things we make and do.

The shop is open on every Thursday between 10.00 am and 3.00pm or by appointment at other times. Phone Anca on 0429 819 768‬ to make a time.

Happy Flame address is Shed 4/6 Russelton Drive, Alstonville, NSW 2477.

And of course more to come... we are working on a new, separate space for special events... more news to come!!!!

So, thats our news and we are celebrating.. but we are giving you the presents! It is a thank you for being with us on this journey

Order anything online and we will include one of our favourite candles as a gift. The Honeybee on a flower candle is hand painted by Anca and one of the first candles we created 13 years ago. Made as a floating candle, perfect as a decoration on the dinner table or to chase kids around in the bath :)



Every order before 14th February (Valentine Day!) will receive the Honeybee candle for free as a gift, no need for codes or requests, we will add it to every order.

We would love to see you at shed4BEE soon!


Anca and Peter

Happy Flame

4/6 Russelton Drive, Alstonville, NSW 2477


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