Minimalist living?
April 02, 2018

Minimalist living?

I'm reading the Blog  "Becoming Minimalist" by Joshua Becker as part of my goal to simplify our lives. I love his practical advice on how to declutter the house (is this really possible after three children?), re-thinking what we buy, and how to  become "unbusy". Worth a look to help simplify your world.

This came to mind when asked by a friend for advice on candles for a wedding coming up. Which candles to make a centrepiece on each table? What candle to have during the ceremony?  Should there be a mix of sizes or all the one height? What about beeswax lanterns for outside?

There is no doubt that the options are endless. We have made candles for some very big and very small weddings. "Big" usually meaning large quantities of candles to light many tables, but we do love a wedding with a simple setting.

This is a good example of how we have the option to keep it simple. When it comes to beeswax candles we recommend the simplest forms of our candles every time, we even have these gathered together on the front of our online store under the name "the simplest things are often the best". A collection of our candles made from certified organic beeswax so you know they are chemical free and safe for your family.

Turn out the lights and fill your home with beautiful candle light ... can't get simpler than that.