Live Simply
August 11, 2017

Live Simply

I found this T-shirt at the local outdoors/camping shop two weeks ago and it was the first shirt that I have really wanted to own for many year's. 
"Live Simply "- made by Patagonia -this was a shirt which I connected with straight away, probably because it offers a way of life that we are all pursuing in some way.
"Live Simply" speaks volumes at this moment. We live in a complex world that seems to streams along, 24 hours a day, relentlessly buffeting us with news (crisis?) and new discoveries. Social media seems to have a life of its own giving us amazing opportunities of discovery and staying in-touch but at the same time feeding sometimes questionable information. Of course it is always with us, with mobile technology now feeding up all things every minute of the day. As someone said to me not long ago, it is hard to stop the "feed".
For us "Live simply" is part of our world everyday. Our days of accumulating "stuff" is well and truly over and recycling clothes and kitchen wares that are no longer needed is a regular occurrence. Minimising?
Eleven years ago we also chose a simpler working life. Not that being candle makers is a simple task.... those of us in self employment often look at the long hours and paperwork and quietly long for "less". But we enjoy the ability to offer a simple product that does so much for our friends and customers. The bonus is the time spent with family.
What we create is made with living well in mind. The simplicity of lighting a beeswax candle, and the joy that it brings to so many, is what has made our work/life changes so important. Whether it is celebrating a wedding or birthday,  or siting in candle light talking the night away (or having a candle lit to chase away "monsters" in the closet while reading a bedtime story),  these are simple pleasures that everyone can enjoy.
The simplicity of beeswax is also amazing, the only wax made by nature, it has helped reduce the worlds use of chemical based candles. Less toxic fumes to breathe and less deforestation (occurring by growing soy and palm trees to manufacture the wax).
The gentle honey aroma of beeswax is also not complex. We don't add chemical based fragrances in mind numbing combinations. The aroma of honey, that the bees create, is one of those simple pleasures everyone can enjoy.
The simplicity of our Australian Certified Organic beeswax. Certification means you don't have to do the research to find beeswax that does not have artificial pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics. Lets keep beeswax simple too.
It is in everything we do: As we have grown we have tried to keep our footprint small. Our use of minimal packaging is important. We use packaging to get the candles and lanterns to you safely (not for a "luxury" look). As you would know, everything we use is reusable, recyclable- kind to the planet.
And YOU, the makers of the world. To everyone who we have sent our Certified organic beeswax so you can make natural (no chemicals!) creams, balms and food wraps for your family and friends... what a wonderful thing to do.
So, here is to living simply. Living with less, being kind to the planet and all that live here.
Light a beeswax candle, enjoy the honey aroma and the beautiful candle light. Simple.
*Patagonia (who made the shirt "Live Simply" last year) is a company that has a good "soul". That is, they continuously support the environment and important social causes.
They also are a little unique as they also ask their customers to repair their clothes rather than buying a new ones. Patagonia will repair any of their clothes, regardless of the age.