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Does beeswax have anti-bacterial properties?

May 24, 2017

We are supplying lots of lovely certified organic beeswax at the moment,  for all sorts of reasons, but mainly its chemical free status. The number one use for our beeswax is for making balms and creams for their own (and family's) use- it's great to know what is in the things you put on your skin! (And food wraps). Reducing chemicals is essential to a healthy life.

We receive many questions about beeswax. One of the most often asked is whether beeswax has a anti-bacterial quality.  The good news is that it does for SOME bacteria, but not all.

For your information, here is a link to an article if you want more details on this. It discusses the uses of beeswax in medicine and the results of tests done. If is a scientific article so not always easy to read, but some great knowledge here. (skip through the definitions will help :)

Article is here

Hope this helps

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