Daily Rituals for self care.
January 05, 2021

Daily Rituals for self care.

Many times a week I discuss rituals with people, and how they use candles in  these moments of self care.
For me, lighting a candle and having it burn while I have breakfast is a great start to the day. It gives a point of focus.

For others it is a mediation candle or a candle on the kitchen bench while preparing the school lunches. Tea ceremonies are another wonderful way to start a day and very popular.

"The Little Book of Daily Rituals" is an easy to read collection of rituals that you may find compelling. As the author states:  

"A ritual is an act of self-care that's carried out mindfully and with reverence" .

Some of the rituals Vicki, (the Author), lists will take you to all areas of your life.

You may have a daily ritual for the mind, eg mediation, but have you considered creative or solo adventure rituals? Do you have a ritual to heal your body when sick, or are you on a spiritual journey? She lists out 80 different types of rituals.

Whatever the ritual, as simple or complex as you wish, it lets you have a moment of self care, which I feel is so important in these "interesting" times.

If you wish to add candles to one of your daily rituals, we have a blog here that explains the different candles and which one to use.