Happy Flame introduces candles made from Australian Certified organic beeswax!
December 27, 2015

Happy Flame Introduces Candles Made from Australian Certified Organic Beeswax

Happy Flame Introduces Candles Made from Australian Certified Organic Beeswax


Have you read our previous blogs on our journey to certified organic beeswax candles?

We are SO pleased to release our first candles made from 100% certified organic beeswax!

Our new local beekeeper/supplier to join the Happy Flame family has the Australian organic certification for their beeswax and honey:

Australian Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic (ACO)     

The anticipation has been almost unbearable!  Two months ago we were introduced to a wonderful family who are one of only four ACO certified organic beekeepers in Australia . That's right, only four under the ACO certification! These are the beekeepers who have had an outside organisation come in to certify that their operation is 100% organic, so we know it is 100% chemical free.

Why is Certification important? As discussed in our previous blogs, the word "organic" is now being used to describe just about everything. When I buy an organic product I expect it to be 100% chemical free. I also expect the process to make that product is chemical free and is kind to the planet (and bees in this case). The ONLY way I know that this is the case (i.e. chemical free) is to select Certified Organic products, which means an outside organisation has come to the business and verified they comply to the organic standard.

Our new beekeepers have this certification. They have gone through the  process (that can take up to three years) to be certified - everything they do meets the organic standard. An amazing journey.

To say CERTIFIED organic beeswax is scarce is an understatement. Most certified organic beeswax (95% has been quoted) is purchased by the large foreign cosmetic companies to use in their organic range of creams. Hard to compete with those big companies... they are prepared to pay top dollar for Certified organic beeswax from Australia due to high quality.

But this family has decided to supply us with their beeswax rather than send it overseas.  They prefer supplying their top of the line organic honey and wax to Australians.  They like our work and want to support a local business creating something special. We also "gel". We have the same goals and ethos, wanting to build sustainable businesses that work with the planet, rather than take from it.

So, after two months of testing, cleaning and balancing we can now release the first candles made from Australian Certified Organic beeswax. (Australian Certified Organic. ASO standard)

The first pour:

We have chosen one of our favourites as the first candles to pour for public release:  The "Bangalow light".  This is a small pillar candle that is used by so many different people... yoga students love the steady flame, families love the warm candle light to light up a room. A perfect candle to time out with in the bath.

Like all our pillar candles, they do not drip and no smoking of course. You can take the opportunity to order from the first batch here.

What is next?  We are currently testing our Byron Bay Spirit candles and our nine hour Happy lights (tea lights) available for your tea light lovers. Again, pre-ordering is possible here.

Exciting times ahead as we offer you the choice of certified organic beeswax in more candle types. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Update: our most popular meditation candle, the "Byron Light", is now available in certified organic beeswax.