April 13, 2015

Why make a black candle?

We started making this candle for a 8 year old boy who was having nightmares.

His mother was desperate, there is nothing worse for a family when one of the the children are screaming at night.
A friend of the Mum recommended burning a black night while he was first going to bed. 
So, she asked us to make one to try.
We chose the "Byron light" candle for its long burning to be economical but narrow in width so she could burn it in short periods if needed. Eg An hour in the lead up to sleep.

The great news is that it helped. No more nightmares.  Why?  We don't really know, but many children are helped to sleep with beeswax candles and lanterns. The  soothing honey aroma certainly is a big factor. The natural ionizing effect of beeswax that helps clean the air is bonus for all the family. But we also love the gentle candle light from our candles... There is no other light like beeswax candle light.

I am very happy to report that the family doesn't need the back candle anymore. After a few months they switched to natural beeswax, no more nightmares to chase away.

We do, though, still make the black candle for those who need help. Not only children, adults also need help through the night time. It is one of the most important candles we make.

 Update: If you would like more information of the meanings and uses of a black candle we found this post on yahoo answers interesting. 

This information originally was posted three years ago on our old website site… now gone to the great internet digital "graveyard".  We have re-posted it as the request for this candle has grown recently and we hope there are others it can help.