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Facts about honey bees

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We have a free eBook called "Amazing Bees!". This is a comic where  Hillary the honeybee answers questions about bees. Perfect for younger readers.
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Book about Honey bees called Amazing bees

Here are answers to the most common honey bee questions:

How many bees live in a beehive?
Up to 50,000 bees can live in each colony.
Bee hives where we gather our beeswax
What are the different type of bees in a colony?
There is a queen bee which is the only female that breeds in the colony.
The majority of the bees are female worker bees. They have a huge range of jobs including gathering the pollen / nectar, build the comb cells, feeding the larvae, clean the cells, guarding the hive, cooling the hive. (!)
Male drones is the third bee in a hive and they mate with the Queen bee.
honey bees
Why do bees “buzz”?
The buzzing is the bee breathing through 14 valves called spiracles.
The valves are located on the side of their body.
What do bees eat and how is honey produced?
The  worker bees gather pollen and nectars from flowers and return it to the hive for storage in the comb cells. The bees then change the nectar and pollen into honey by adding chemicals that are secreted from their heads. The chemicals change the nectar sugars into honey sugars. The honey is eaten by the bees and fed to the older larvae. Young larvae are given “brood food” by the bees.
honey bee on a daisy
How far do bees travel?
A bee can fly up to 10 kilometers from the hive to gather nectar and pollen. They can visit up to 100 flowers on a trip before returning.