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"Try them all" candle packs. A candle for every time of the day.

We make many candles, of different sizes, to suit different life styles. Big solid pillar candles ("Spirits") to fill you whole house with candle all night long, candle sticks for special dinners or meditating, birthday candles .... and all in between!

Which one suits your home and life style? Many people buy candles on how they look, big bold or elegant? But did you know all our candles have a specific purpose, made to burn for different times in the day? We have a blog about the different candles here and our recommendations.

This pack is a way to try our different candles to see what suits you. It is also perfect to cover all the different occasions you may have through the day... the perfect collection to have in the draw.

Three packs available:

Honeycomb starter pack- tradition style beeswax candles including:

1 x "Cosy" candle (5.5 x 5cm), 3 x "Bright and Happy" (10 x 4.5cm) candles, 1 x Small "Spirit" candle (7 x 7 cm), 2 x Candle sticks (2 x 20 cm) and 6 x birthday candles (10 cm x 8mm).

Made from our Honeycomb Australian Certified Organic beeswax:    Special pricing:  $82.00 save $7.50

Solid beeswax starter pack:

6 x 4 hour tea lights & 1 x glass holder, 3 x 7-9 hour Happy Lights & 1 x glass holder, 3 x 12 hour Votive candles & 1 x glass holder, 1 x 30 hour "Byron Light" pillar candle, 1 x 50 hour "Spirit of Byron" candle, 2 x 12 hour candle sticks

Made from our Australian Certified Organic beeswax: Special pricing: $122.00 save $10.00

Made from local, Australian non-certified organic beeswax: Special pricing: $112 save $10.00

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FAQ's about beeswax HERE

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