Are all beeswax candles "organic" ? and more questions answered here.
October 27, 2020

Are all beeswax candles "organic" ? and more questions answered here.

We are asked many questions about beeswax candles and beeswax in general. There are many answered in our FAQ section online (click link here), but we thought a quick review here of the most common questions may help:

Are all beeswax candles "organic" that is, chemical free?

No. There are many chemicals used in the bee/honey industry and so these chemicals will make their way into the beeswax. One of the most common causes of chemical contamination is pest control in beehives. For example there is a hive beetle which causes huge damage to the hive, this is often controlled with pesticides.

The only way you know that the beeswax candle is truly chemical free (real organics) is using candles made from Australian Certified Organic beeswax. We only use Australian Certified Organic beeswax

Do beeswax candles burn longer than other types of candles?

Yes, beeswax candles burn longer than other types of wax if made correctly. A good beeswax candle is a "fine balance" of a number of factors, eg: the right candle wick for the size of the candle eg 2: the beeswax needs to be cleaned properly to ensure it burns brightly and steadily. When these factors are correctly brought together, then the beeswax candle will burn longer than other types of candles of the same size.

Are beeswax candles with essential oils okay to use?

There is a huge amount of research that shows if you burn an essential oil or fragrance in a candle then it will create toxic fumes. Fragrances are one of the big health issues this decade and health authorities have warned of the many health issues that they create.  Those problems include asthma attacks , hay fever, head acre, migraine, dizziness, breathing problems, rashes, congestion, nausea and seizures. We have more details in a separate blog post about this here ("Effects of fragrance on your health- link)

Why don't you make beeswax candles with hemp wick?

We have tried many hemp wicks over the years without success. Beeswax candles need a wick that burns at a very high temperature and sadly we haven't found a hemp wick that burns with the heat needed.

We continue to look for a organic hemp wick that will do the job as it is a material that uses less resources to grow, and therefore better for the planet.


Are beeswax candles sustainable?

Yes. Beeswax is "wonderfully" sustainable :)  When we gather the beeswax we only take the excess to the bees needs, that is, not all of the beeswax/honey. That means the bees continue to thrive and build their colony.

Why can any one use the word organic on their products?

Anyone in Australia can use the organic because it is not regulated by the Federal Government. We have a blog post about this and ask why Australia is the last developed country in the world not to regulate the work organic, so you and I know what is actually chemical free. 

More questions? Please don't hesitate to ask! Either email or phone us  if you have any questions. Also, there is many questions answered in our FAQ section here (link).