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Christmas Tree Beeswax Candle


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100% local Australian beeswax, nothing added.

100% Cotton wicks. No metal in our wicks.

Burn time from 6 hours - 45 hours


Celebrating Christmas! Our Christmas tree candles are ideal for the centre piece Christmas dinner table, and place settings.  Five different styles/ sizes:

Small Pine tree 9cm high, approx 6 hour burn time.

Medium Pine Tree 12.5cm, approx 25 hours.

Large Pine Tree 16 cm high,  approx 35 hours

Small  decorated tree: Beautiful detail with a helper decorating the tree, 9 cm high, approx 6 hours.

Large decorated tree: Covered with decorations, 13 cm. 25 hrs

Since 2016 Happy Flame has hand made beeswax candles in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia

Our beeswax is sourced from the local area and is renown for being the highest quality and cleanest in Australia. We do not add anything to our beeswax. Your candles are 100% beeswax. That means no oils, no additives, and definitely no other types of wax. 

Our candle wicks are made of cotton, no metals or other nasty materials. These are 100% natural wicks for your health.

Some kind words from our candle customers

The perfect candle for Christmas dinner! As it burns, it smells divine and gives off a beautiful glow. I love trees and have used this candle at special dinner events too! Have tried all three tree sizes but this one is our favourite as we can use one candle per event :)


 It is such a joy to use your candles, burning them cleans our air and our state of mind, their perfume is close to divine, the light golden and gentle.  I have a candle burning all the time we are home and use them for blessings and a light toward universal peace and well being.  Plus they just make me feel good! Thank you very much for the care you take in product


Sustainable candle wax and eco friendly


The only eco-friendly, sustainable wax for candles. Beeswax is the candle wax that nature provides for us. The bees create the wax and we harvest it with little disruption to their hives.  When the honey and beeswax is harvested it is only the excess the bees have made taken. In doing this, the bees continue to thrive and create more honey and wax. This ensures that the beeswax is truly a sustainable candle wax. Other candle waxes are created using chemical processes, not good for you or the environment. 

There is more information here (click link) about how other candle waxes are made and why beeswax is a better choice for your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Christmas tree candles need to be placed on a plate while burning?

Yes, these candles burn well but due to their shape they may drip so we recommend you burn them on a plate.

Is there any artificial colours or fragrances added to your candles?

No, we don’t add anything to any of our candles, including the Christmas trees. They are made of 100% pure beeswax gathered form our local beekeepers. The aroma is a sweet, but gentle, honey aroma so Aunty Joys sensitive nose will be happy :)

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