What is your daily ritual?
July 03, 2018

What is your daily ritual?

Catching up with friends at the markets during the weekend is our favourite thing, we talk about all the things that is happening in their world.

When chatting turns to their favourite candles many conversations are about their daily rituals, and how they use candles at the special times of the day.

More people are lighting beeswax candles in the morning to start the day, the sweet  aroma of honey helping minds wake.  During the day candles to help in mediation seem obvious, a calm flame as a focus point essential.

Many mums are telling us a candle on the kitchen when the kids come home from school brings them together and helps them settle.

Candles at dinner time is a tradition many families are returning to, with most mums saying a candle will calm the family and extend the conversation. 

Candles during a bath? There is nothing like the calming effect of candle light while soaking your cares away.

Have you turned out the lights at the end of the day and enjoyed candlelight?