July 27, 2016

Time for greener packaging?

We are continuously searching for ways to minimise our effect on the planet, whether it it is using 100% recycled energy to power our home and business to finding eco-friendly packaging to send out our candles to our wonderful customers.

Being the end of Plastic free July, we have been looking further for better packaging. We have always used all sorts of wonderful packaging that helps the environment. For example our cornstarch bubbles help protect the candles and lanterns and also melt away to nothing when wet.

The bubble wrap we use is biodegradable, but it is one we wanted to stop using as it is still plastic.

Our solution was "delivered" to us two weeks ago. We had a package sent to us and inside was a wonderful material called Green Wrap protecting our goods. A little bit of research and YAY! we now have our first roll.

We also use organza bags for our tea lights... look great but sadly a plastic based product too. Solution: Linen and cotton bags. Reusable and cute in every way.

Planet friendly solutions are not cheap dollar wise, but to stop using another plastic product has been a great relief for us, and the environment.

Do you have more ideas? We would love to hear from you.