Is your sleep affected by LED lighting?
October 24, 2016

Is your sleep affected by LED lighting?

Is your sleep affected by LED lighting?

This weekend, a friend at the Northey Street organic market shared news about a new report confirming that LED street lighting is effecting the health of so many people. In America the AMA (American Medical Association) has just released a study on the effects of LED lights when used as street lighting, and confirms it is can disturb sleep patterns.

As you know, LED lights have cut the amount of power, and use of petroleum fuels throughout the world. Older lighting systems have been rapidly changing to LED to cut costs, including councils changing over street lights.

The study showed the new LED street lights, though,  were having a significant impact the health on the population surrounding them. The main reason is that LED lights are a blue light (blue on the light spectrum) and this disturbs the sleep patterns of people and animals. Our bodies like a warmer light, like the warmth of sunlight.

This study won't surprise many people we know. For years many of our friends and customers have told us they are using our beeswax candles as the main light source in their homes. Beeswax has a warmer light, a light that many agree relaxes the mind and body.

More information? We have this blog about circadian rhythms here.

Our long burning "Spirit" and "Reflection" candles are becoming the norm for filling rooms with candle light. The bonus is, of course, they also are planet friendly as our candles are also chemical free. (Of course the gentle honey aroma is an extra plus :)

Are your lights effecting your family? We would love to hear your experiences.