How do beeswax candles help get a good nights sleep?
March 14, 2018

How do beeswax candles help get a good nights sleep?

We are very lucky to have a wonderful group friends/customers that visit us every week and chat about all the things that affect their worlds.

One long term customer/friend Helen was visiting and waiting to purchase her normal box of tea lights and overheard a young couple ask me if burning a beeswax candle helps sleeping.

Like all our wonderful friends/customers Helen was more than happy to offer some advice: She had a daughter who had found sleeping very difficult for years. Her research found that the room lights (including a night light) was disrupting her sleep. Helen switched to burning a beeswax candle in her daughters room and it had an immediate positive effect- sound sleep for her daughter and Mum.

We have many mums who use beeswax candles as night lights and to help clear the air in bedrooms before bedtime. The natural ionisation effects helps remove dust, and other particles from the air and the honey aroma offers a gentle relief to breathing. (We started burning beeswax candles to help our sons who had asthma when they were young.)

Artificial lights have come under many studies. A quick "google" found a number of sites that talk about how artificial light affects sleep patterns, or more specifically our circadian rhythm (our 24 hour sleep/wake cycle).

They tell us that there is now so much exposure to artificial light by overhead lights, phones, iPads, computers and TV there are real issues with sleep disorders.

We talk so much about turning off the lights and enjoying candle light, rather than over head lights. This alone may help relax the mind and body in the lead up to bedtime, but also re-sets the feeling of the home. So many people tell us the wonderful, positive change that occurs when lights go out and beeswax candle light fills the rooms.

Our beeswax candles lit for an hour before sleep in the bedroom helps clear the air and create a gentle honey aroma to soothe the mind.

Has your home changed with beeswax candle light? I would love to hear from you. 

We have another blog about circadian rhythms here (click) which I think might help understand sleep and how candles can help.