March 21, 2016

New subsciption option now available!

We are very excited to introduce a new way to have your candles delivered, and save at the same time.

We realised many of our friends order candles on a regular basis, that is every month or even every two weeks. Tea lights and our happy lights were the most common choice... lighting a tea light every day is a part of a wonderful lifestyle.

So, we have been "in-search" of a way of delivering on a regular weekly or monthly basis to save you time.  It all came together when my daughter organised socks for Peter as a Christmas present, and a different pair is delivered every month! He loves his monthly sock delivery :)

Now you can choose to have your candles delivered when you need them. Just go to the candle you would like to purchase, eg a box of tea lights. You then have an option to "Subscibe and save". Select how often you would like us to send you the candles, eg once a month and add to the cart.

We will send your first box straight away and then (for example) send one box every month automatically. Payment is only made when the new candles are sent. The best bit is, as a thank you, you save 10% off your selection!

The subscription system also lets you adjust as you need to. For example, if you need to delay one delivery (you might be going on a holiday) no problems. Just go to your subscription account on our website and cancel the delivery for the month. You are always in control.

We have our tea lights and happy lights available for subscription right now, but will add more options soon.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call. (contact numbers /emails here).

We look forward to sending out your candles so you will always have the candle light you need.