10 benefits of beeswax candles and why to switch
October 28, 2023

10 benefits of beeswax candles and why to switch

10 benefits of beeswax candles and why to switch

Beeswax candles have been made for centuries dating back to the Medieval, ancient times. They were reserved for the royal family, the peasants had to use (smelly) tallow candles to light their homes.


Today we all have so many types of waxes, soy, palm, paraffin candles are all widely available. With and without fragrances, big and small. So why would you choose a beeswax candle? What is the benefits for your family?


1. Non toxic fumes when burning.

Our pure beeswax candles are 100% beeswax and cotton wick. Only natural materials.  That is, we don’t add anything to the beeswax. This is so important because as soon as you add anything to the beeswax it may create toxic fumes when you are burning the candle. Soy and palm candles are known to have artificial fragrances or wax hardeners to the wax. When burnt they can create toxic fumes. See our blog on the effects of fragrances on your health here (click). 


 2. Gentle aroma.

The aroma of a beeswax candle is gentle on your sensors. A natural scent, some say it is a sweet,  honey and floral aroma. It comes from what the honey bees put into the beeswax such as the pollen and nectar they gather. This also gives the flavour to the honey. Every time we get a new batch of beeswax to make candles, it can have a different aroma because the beeswax was created by the bees in different areas feeding on different flowers.


3. Beeswax candles have the longest burn time.

Do beeswax candles burn longer? Beeswax is renown for longest  burn time when compared to all the different types of candles. In our range of candles we have our small tea lights that burn 4-5 hours each and our largest candle that burns for 400 hours. If we look at the same size paraffin candles or soy wax candles, the burn times would be 50-60% less than beeswax.


4. Beeswax handle hot climates better.

Beeswax is a hard wax, with a higher melting point,  when compared to other waxes and so is ideal for the hot temperatures. If you are in a tropical climate, for example, you may have experienced candle sticks made of paraffin wax bending due to the hot climate and candle drooping down and touching the table is not a good look.

Beeswax doesn’t melt until 65 degrees Celsius so it won’t melt in even areas with extremely high temperatures. We send many candles to tropical regions around the world.


5. A soft, calming light.

When  beeswax burns creates a warm glow, a soft candle light. Some say it is like natural sunlight. Gentle on the eyes and soothing to the mind. The perfect light for stress relief at the end of the day. Ideal for a night light to help sleep, calming the mind for a deep slumber. It is a natural light to enjoy in so many ways.

6. No toxic chemicals.

Soy, palm and paraffin waxes are made with chemical processing. Soy candles and palm wax are created by using a chemical process. Paraffin is the waste product of petroleum by-product. All of these types of candles create a toxic fume when lit. Our certified organic beeswax has no harmful chemicals and therefore will not fill your home with chemicals. The health benefits are obvious, the less chemicals in your home the better for your family And easy way to help natural environments thrive.

7. Handcrafted.

Our natural beeswax candles are hand crafted. We are candle makers that hand make our beeswax candles from natural ingredients.  This means we spend the time to make the best candles possible, candles that burn well, creating beautiful candle light for the longest time. A machine runs and”spits” out candles without the same care. We feel a handcraft candle is the only candle with a soul, made with love.  As we say, made by people not machines. This ensures the candle making skills are continued and will be passed on.

8. Beeswax candles cleanse the air.

A natural air purifiers. Beeswax candles are said to be natural ionizer which means they create negative ions. These ions connect to positive charge such as dust, drop the dust particles to the floor and help Improve the indoor air quality. Our children had asthma symptoms and we found that the simple act of burning a beeswax candle before bed helped calm their breathing. A good choice  for those who also suffer hay fever? 


9. Support local beekeepers and farmers.

Our beekeepers and farmers work hard to create amazing, clean food, including honey to help us all eat well and stay healthy. The beeswax we gather from our local beekeepers in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We do not buy imported beeswax or beeswax we don’t know the source. Only from beekeepers we know and trust. Some we have worked with for over 16 years.

These are people that are worth our support. Your purchase is the easiest way to support them too.


10. No black soot.

I am sure you have used candles that create black soot.  Bad for you and your family. Our beeswax candles are made with the right wick so they create the purest light of any candle and no soot.

Ready to switch to beeswax and try our handcrafted candle?

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