January 05, 2016

FAQ's for our Australian certified organic beeswax


As you know, we introduced our range of Australian certified organic beeswax candles last month. The reaction has been heart warming. It seems there has been so many people who have been waiting for the introduction of certified organic candles.

There have been so many questions, we thought we would start answering them here.

Isn't all beeswax "organic"?

There are two definitions to organic:

1. Living. live, biological, natural, "organic matter"

2. Farming method involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or artificial chemicals.

So, yes all beeswax is "organic" as it is a natural product. All our beeswax comes from beekeepers who look after their bees and do their best to make sure the bees do not fly to farms that have been sprayed with any chemicals and have access to a wide range of flowers to feed. This is the best natural beeswax we can find.

Certified organic beeswax goes one step further, it means that the beeswax has no chemicals in it. That is, the bees have not been exposed to flowers that have been sprayed with chemicals, their hives have no paints or chemicals on them, and the sheds have no chemicals used in anyway, (eg to clean).

Our "Certified organic" beeswax gives you the peace of mind that when burn one of our candles there is no chemicals to create toxic smoke.

Don't bees fly up to 5 kilometers? How can you guarantee they don't visit farms that have sprayed?

Yes, bees can fly up to 10 kilometers actually, sometimes a little more if there is a good source of nectar/ flowers.

To be certified organic the beekeeper needs to take the bees to areas where they can fly this distance and not make contact with farms.

To do this they travel huge distances to place their bees in the wide open cattle country in the west or in state forests. This is hard work.

Why is Certified organic beeswax so hard to find?

Up to this point over 98% of all certified organic beeswax in Australia was purchased by large cosmetic companies at high prices. We now have access to a small supply as the beekeeper wants his beeswax to stay in Australia and create local products.

Is the aroma different to standard beeswax?

Yes. Our current batch of certified organic beeswax has an amazing aroma. Some say it is a little sweeter. This is due to the flowers the bees have visited. Being organic the bees are in different forests and pastures, with different flowers gathering different types of nectar's. The result is a wonderful sweet honey aroma like no other.

What a great journey...

It has been a great few months moving to Australian certified organic beeswax. The reaction has been wonderful, so many people are already enjoying to beautiful aroma.

We thank you for your support.

Do you have more questions? Please don't hesitate to email or call us.