September 16, 2015

What is a Blessing Way ceremony?

The most beautiful part of our work is sharing the lives of our friends and customers. Our candles have been a part of so many life events and ceremonies it's hard to know which is a favourite. The Blessing Way is one event, though, which is close to my heart.
What is a Blessing Way?  Probably best to think of it as a nicer type of Baby shower.
Rather than gifts from your favourite baby store, the Blessing Way provides the mother with memories of a true show of support from her friends.

A Blessing Way is a totally individual event  -  a bit like a wedding really.  It is important to check with the mother-to-be what she would like included and what not .

Some things, though, seem to be almost always included... 

The mother is always made very comfortable, either on cushions or a favourite chair, which is decorated to almost resemble a throne.  Often the area that the event is held is decorated as well.

There can be a bead ceremony, each guest is asked to bring two beads, one for the mother and one for the baby.  As the bead is gifted, it is strung to make a bracelet or necklace for the mother and a bracelet for the baby.  Each bead is a blessing and the mother will wear it or have it close to draw strength from whilst in labour.

The guests sometimes decorate the mother's belly with Henna (yes there is organic Henna) or get a Henna artist to come to decorate her belly and the guests wrists as a reminder of the upcoming birth

There are a few candle ceremonies too  -  one is where a candle is lit and passed around the women in the circle. (good thing beeswax candles are non toxic) As they hold the candle they say their blessing for the mother and baby.  Another is that each woman is given a small candle by the Mother-To-Be.  As the labour starts, the women contact each other and light the candle to focus their thoughts on the mother.

Often after a Blessing Way the women share a meal (everyone brings a plate) to end the ceremony. 


Overall it is a wonderful event showing support for the mother to be. I love ceremonies,  especially this one, joining together to  celebrate a very special time.

Have you been to a blessing  way? I would love to hear what you included in yours.

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