How do you clean glass tea light holders?
July 30, 2015

How Do You Clean Glass Tea Light Holders?

How Do You Clean Glass Tea Light Holders?


Once one of our customers exclaimed "Your t-lights are naked" with a big smile on her face.

We had never looked at it this way... love it. Happy Flame tea lights don't come with plastic or metal holders. Why? Aluminum takes a huge amount of the worlds resources to be made plus they are rarely re-used, so not very friendly to the planet.

Plastic is another popular one to use. I know there are many claims that they are safe but I don't want to burn anything in plastic, it must give off non-family friendly fumes.

Instead we supply a glass holder with our tea lights that can be used over and over again. Clear glass also lets more candle light to shine through, you can always see the flame.

It is easy to clean the holder of the little bit of wax left over. However only recently we discovered that not everyone is aware of how easy it can be. One customer last week said to me "Can you please blog about it? I have been buying your candles for a long time now and I never found it easy until you told me how."

To get any left over  beeswax out of any holders you just fill them with cold water and then pop them in the fridge. The cold temperature makes the beeswax shrink so that it comes away from the glass. After a couple of hours you will find the beeswax bits floating in the water or you can easily flcik the beeswax out with a knife.

The metal tab will sometimes be a little more stubborn. Flick it out with a round tipped knife or heat the tab with a bbq lighter and it will slide out.

Do you have a thin layer of beeswax over the entire glass holder?  This may occur if hot water is put in the holder... the wax spreads rather than coming away from the holder. To solve this, wash them in warm soapy water and t will come away from the glass..

And that's it :)

If you have a question or would like more information please don't hesitate to contact me.