October 08, 2014

Chasing the mozzies away with an organic solution

citronella beeswax candles in the outdoors


Spring and I'm finally "warm" everyday from the sunshine. Seedlings are growing… picking the lettuce leaves each day to create wonderful salads. Spring showers to water the earth.

One problem though… the mosquitoes also love Spring. Puddles of warm water are full of the larvae, hatching out to chase us, their feeding "bowls"!

So, bring out the citronella candles right? Well, yes but no. The trouble with the standard citronella candle at the supermarket is the chemicals that create a horrible combination of toxic fumes.The wax is paraffin,which is a waste product of diesel fuel, that fills your room with horrible chemicals. Also, if you look closely at the label, you will see the smallest amount citronella oil thrown in- about 1%.  Often the oils used are synthetic oils which combust when burned turn toxic as well. Not a "natural" solution really!

So what is the solution? We created a citronella candle pack which will help. We include our traveller candle, which is pure beeswax in a glass jar, perfect for transporting to the great outdoors. Also the best organic essential oil we could find from our friend Iamme at Arianrhod aromatics.  Simply light the beeswax candle until a small pool of melted wax is created, then add a drop or two of the organic essential oil. The oil is evaporated (as pure essential oils don't combust) creating a beautiful citronella aroma that chases the mozzies away. If you like to make the aroma stronger, add another drop… easy.

Why not add the oil to the beeswax when we are making the candle? Adding oils to candles is a very precise science and a very personal taste  -  you might want a very light scent, others prefer a heavy more penetrating scent.  Too much for one is too little for another. We would prefer to be on the safe side and let you add a couple of drops to evaporate, chasing the mozzies away, but not creating chemical fumes.

Our Beeswax Citronella Candle Pack is here.

 Citronella beeswax candle pack