September 23, 2014

Spring cleaning the air in your home with beeswax candles


Last weekend I revisited what it was like to have hay fever... for the first time in a decade! Standing outside in the wind all day, at the market, brought every known dust particle and allergen to my nose!

It reminded me of how Spring can affect so many people and one of the reasons why we originally started Happy Flame. Many of you will know our sons were asthma sufferers for years. We originally burned beeswax candles to help clear the air of dust, pollen and germs which, in turn, helped them breathe easier.  

How does this work? Beeswax candles are the only candies that are a natural ioniser, that is, the candle when burning, releases negative ions, dust, germs and pollen (and more) are positively charged. So, when the two meet the particles fall to the ground, helping to clear the air.

We have so many mums that buy our beeswax candles to clear the air just before bedtime. Burn a candle for two hours to freshen up the air but also to fill the room with the wonderful honey aroma as an added bonus to relax the kids.

You might also burn a candle in one of our beeswax lanterns to create a beautiful, soft, light to read a book by. A nice way to finish the day.

So, if you are surrounded by family or friends who suffer from allergies or you would like to freshen up your home, maybe it is a good time to choose one of our candles or lanterns.


If we can help with more information or to choose which candle would suit your home please don’t hesitate to email us.