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It's the "finishing" by hand that makes the best beeswax candles.

October 24, 2014

Beeswax is not an easy wax to work with… it took us two years to work out how to make candies that burn properly, that is:- They burn with a nice, bright flame to fill the room with candle light, they won't mess up your table by dripping, and they don't create smoke to dirty your walls or ceilings. But most importantly we make our products consistently well so this happens each time you buy one…. you know the candle will be just as good each time.   Handcrafting is the key of course. Most candles are pushed out of machines… very profitable for the companies but not the same as true candles created by hand. As one of our friends say, hand crafted... Continue Reading →

Chasing the mozzies away with an organic solution

October 08, 2014

Spring time is wonderful, except for the mosquitoes! A natural solution to chase the mosses away is needed.
Spring cleaning the air in your home with beeswax candles

September 23, 2014

Spring brings pollen, allergens, dust and germs in the air. Beeswax candles offers a way to help clean the air.


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