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Winter warmer candle pack- certified organic beeswax

Candle light during Winter time is so warming, turn out the lights and enjoy the beautiful light only beeswax can produce.

Our "Spirit of Byron" pillar candles were made just for this reason- big warm candle light to fill your rooms... amazing honey aroma to relax the mind.

Made from our certified organic beeswax... no toxic fumes, just pure honey aroma.

This set of 3 large "Spirit of Byron" candles gives you 210 hours of candle light. All candles are 7 cm wide. Three different heights:

1 x Small "Spirit" 7.5cm high

1 x Medium "Spirit" 9.5cm high

1 x Large "Spirit" 12 cm high

Winter Warmer pack of 3 candles: $125.00   save $14.00

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