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12 hour votive beeswax candle - Hand crafted

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The drought and bush fires have effected many of our beekeepers so standard beeswax is not available at the moment.

THE GOOD NEWS: we do have Certified organic beeswax and so we have reduced the price of this for our Votives, Happy Lights and Tea lights.

Go here (click link) to purchase Votives made from Australian Certified Orgainc Beeswax at a reduced price!

Classic beeswax votive candles:

Sometimes you need a longer burning candle for the whole the day, start at breakfast and fill your home with sweet honey aroma until dinner. 

Our votives are a hand poured candle, that is, it is solid wax for longer burning. You do need a glass holder to burn these candles as they are made to overflow into the container. If you have standard votive holders then we have a 4 pack of just candles. Otherwise choose our pack with the glass holder.

Burn time of approximately 12+  hours for this candle in a container. Beautiful honey aroma from the local beeswax.

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Our votive candles come in our reusable cotton drawstring bags. Important to reduce land fill packaging.

4.5cm high x 4 cm wide 

4 x Beeswax Votives in cotton bag (no glass holder):  $21.50   only $5.37 each

4 x Beeswax Votives and 1 x glass holder in cotton bag: $24.50

20 x Beeswax Votives and 1 x glass holder:  $94.00  only $4.70 each

Extra glass votive holders here..


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