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12 hour votive beeswax candle - Hand crafted

Classic beeswax votive candles:

Sometimes you need a longer burning candle for the whole the day, start at breakfast and fill your home with sweet honey aroma until dinner. 

Our votives are a hand poured candle, that is, it is solid wax for longer burning. You do need a glass holder to burn these candles as they are made to overflow into the container. If you have standard votive holders then we have a 4 pack of just candles. Otherwise choose our pack with the glass holder.

Burn time of approximately 12+  hours for this candle in a container. Beautiful honey aroma from the local beeswax.

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Our votive candles come in our reusable cotton drawstring bags. Important to reduce land fill packaging.

4.5cm high x 4 cm wide 

4 x Beeswax Votives in cotton bag (no glass holder):  $21.50   only $5.37 each

4 x Beeswax Votives and 1 x glass holder in cotton bag: $24.50

20 x Beeswax Votives and 1 x glass holder:  $94.00  only $4.70 each

Extra glass votive holders here..


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