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4 hour beeswax tea light candles - Hand crafted from Australian beeswax

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Due to the drought and bush fires many of our beekeepers have been badly affected. This has caused a shortage in our standard beeswax.

The good news: We do have Australian Certified Organic beeswax available and so we have reduced the price of this to the standard price.

Click here (link) to the Certified organic beeswax tea lights at a reduced price.

4-5 hour tea lights... very special candles

Some days you just want to burn a candle for a few hours... and sometimes you want to decorate the room with your favourite tea light holder and fill the room with beautiful honey aroma. Our classic tea light is for you.

These are different to any other tea lights you have used.

Firstly, you will notice the bright yellow wax. This is the natural colour of our local beeswax, beautiful to watch even when not alight. If you have seen pale white/ brown beeswax you will know what we mean, those candles have everything filtered out... there is no soul left.

With all the good things in the beeswax that the bees collect, the sweet honey aroma is amazing. As our friends say, "no other tea lights have the same beautiful aroma".

And the candle light... like all our candles, is bright (and happy).  These candle will fill your room with beautiful light. Pure enjoyment.

Warm. Perfect for oil burners as beeswax doesn't interfere with the aromas of your oils. Ideal tea pot warmers, (the original reason for the tea light candle!) as beeswax creates a perfect amount of heat.

15mm x 33mm wide. Burn time of 4-5 hours each (real hours).

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Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

We also don’t use aluminum or plastic holders for our tea lights- using aluminum is a waste.... very environmentally un-friendly! And we prefer not to burn candles in plastic... we don’t care what they say, it can’t be good for you!

Fair pricing. We believe you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for high quality, well burning, 100% pure beeswax tea lights, 4-5 hour burn time (real hours):

Our tea lights come in our reusable cotton drawstring bags. Important to reduce land fill packaging.

6 x classic t-lights with 1 x glass holder : $13.75           Only $2.29 each

12 x classic t-lights with 1 x glass holder : $24.50        Only $2.04 each

50 x Classic T-lights with 1 x glass holder : $85.00      Only $1.70 each

84 x Classic T-lights with 1 x glass holder : $134.00       Only $1.59 each

Extra glass holders here.

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