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Emergency beeswax candle pack (8 x candles)

When the storms hit our area we usually also have black outs. Out come the candles to prepare for darkness. This pack is full of candles to fill your home with candle light to ward-off the dark and make it all a liltle less scary for the family.

Our emergency pack includes 8 x "Mullumbimby" light candles.

Why so many candles? 1 x for the kids bedroom , 1 x for ours, 1 x the bathroom, and 1 x kitchen (so you can find the fridge), 1 x for the dinner table...

With a burn time of 10 hours each the candles will also cover the storm season.... although we hope you don't have that many black outs!

These candle are made from Australian certified organic beeswax so, when the windows are all closed, you have chemical free honey aroma, no nasty fumes. Non-dripping of course, no black smoke, just clean air and a beautiful calming honey aroma.

Emergency pack: 8 x Mullumbimby  lights:  $64.00

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