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"Reflection" candle- our biggest & longest burning candles

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These candles are made to burn all day.  It is best to burn it at least 6 hours each time to ensure the beeswax melts to the edge so no walls are created. If you don't burn it 6 hours there may be a wall form, but this will come and go as the candle burns over time. A changing sculpture.

Our longest burning candles, up to 400 hours, to fill your home with candle light, and truly make a statement.

You have two option in the type of beeswax the candle is made:

Option 1: Candles made from Australian Certified Organic which means that the beeswax is free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicide. Important for the health of you and your family when burning candles.

Option 2: Our standard beeswax is from our local beekeepers feeding their bees on the cleanest environments in Australia, the Northern Rivers region.

400 hours: 10 cm wide x 25 cm high.

200 Hours: 10 cm wide x 12 cm high.

They make a statement in any home, an ideal centre piece in any room.

These take time to make, so there may be a couple of days wait time, but worth it.

Each one hand crafted

Beautiful floral aroma will fill your home and bring a sense of calm.

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