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Festive Lights. 100% Australian beeswax

Perfect for Christmas. These glass holders have  a stunning red floral design, beautiful all year 'round, not just for Christmas :)

The holder comes with three of our embossed candles that fit perfectly inside. The candle sits low in the holder so the whole design lights up from the start. Each candle burns 10 hours each and as one is used you can then add another. Refills are available all year round.

Good size for the dinner or bedside table:

Holder size:  85mm high x 80mm wide.

Includes three 10 hour embossed candles. Packed in the kraft gift box, closed with paper washi tape.

1 x Festive candle:  $39.50

2 x Festive candles: $70.00

Refills 3 x candles in a linen bag:  $29.50

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