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Family size Advent calendar count down to Christmas candle with candle holder

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We make these candles from October each year in preparation for Advent. If you would like to be notified when they are available subscribe to our newsletter, pre-orders are announced there.

This candle brings back the tradition of counting down to Christmas with candle light.

Our larger family size count down candle is made to burn ±1 hour each day. Perfect for at dinner time or long family chats. We light ours and it is a beacon, it just naturally gathers everyone into the living area.

At the end there is enough candle left to last a few hours for Christmas Day giving a total of approximately 30 hours of beautiful candle light.

2.5cm x 30 cm tall. Pure local beeswax. Beautiful honey aroma.

We include the mat black metal holder with every candle. Looks great and stable.

Family Advent count down to Christmas candle with holder:  $39.50

Smaller countdown candle here. (click)

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