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"Spirit of Byron Bay" beeswax candles - our long burning pillar candles

All of these candles are 7cm wide, and come in five different heights.

In our home region of Northern Rivers, beeswax candles are a major part of many peoples lives. It is, as one friend said, part of their spirit.

The "Spirit of Byron Bay"  candles are made for the passionate, the ones who burn candles every day and enjoy the company of a warm beeswax flame.

Pure, 100% beeswax... we don’t cheat, no oils, no additives of any type.  The perfectly balanced candles with the right wick to burn all the wax without dripping.

And for those who are choosing to turn off the lights and enjoy the candle light, the flame is bright to fill the room and the sweet honey aroma. If you live with candles, the "Spirit of Byron Bay" is made for you.

Natural cotton wick (like all our candles). Perfect for the a wonderful dinner party or keeping you company throughout the night.

Each one is hand crafted by us from beautiful Australian beeswax. 

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All candles are 7 cm wide.

Five sizes (heights) available, select below

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