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Byron Bay sea shell beeswax lantern

A lantern inspired by the waters of Byron Bay, one of our local beaches.

Many years ago a friend gave us a set of clam shells. Little did we know these were to be the inspiration of our latest beeswax craft.

A crafted piece, made from pure local beeswax, that glows unlike anything we have done before.

The shape comes from the clam shell’s flowing form, beautiful lines and channels carved into the beeswax.

With energy...

The sea shell is lit up by one of our pure beeswax tea lights, with our renowned bright, happy flame. The base is protected by a bed of crystals... known for their energy.

We include a bag of mixed crystals that can include blue agate, citrine and clear quartz

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

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Byron Sea Shell with crystals :          $74.50

Size: 18 cm long, 15 cm wide, 11 cm deep.

including 3 x  tea lights made from certified organic beeswax, a glass holder and a bag of mixed crystals.

Packed in a kraft box and sealed with washi tape- perfect gift.

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