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Honeycomb "Spirit" candles hand rolled from Australian Certified Organic Beeswax

We are very proud to offer Australia's only Honeycomb patterned candles made from Australian Certified Organic beeswax.

This has been a long process to achieve this, the certified organic beeswax is very rare, but working with the beekeeper, the honeycomb sheets made locally to the highest standards. Beautiful gold colour and an amazing aroma... sweet honey!

We have so many friends that love the honeycomb beeswax candles... they are wonderful to watch as the flame shines through the outer-layer of beeswax. The beautiful glow is unique, amazing.

Bigger candles, real home warmers. Long burning times without sacrificing a bright, happy flame. No dripping, no smoke when protected from a strong breeze when protected from a strong breeze.

Natural cotton wick (like all our candles). Perfect for the a wonderful dinner party or keeping you company throughout the night.

Each one hand "finished". That is, the top is smoothed, the wick is coated with beeswax and the candle is straightened and coated so it stands at 90 degrees. All ensures it burns the beautifully and without dripping. Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

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All "Honeycomb Spirits" are 7 cm wide.

Three sizes available:

Small honeycomb Spirit:            $33.00

7 cm high.     25 hours

Medium honeycomb Spirit:        $43.00

10 cm high.   45 hours

Large honeycomb Spirit:            $53.00

16 cm high.   75 hours               

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