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Beeswax candle wax lantern

Create an amazing light.

Turn dinner into a special event,  light the outdoors entertainment area, light the pathway, one for the Spa. Fill your rooms with a beautiful warm glow like no other.

These are our pure beeswax lanterns. They are lit by one of our tea lights, which is included. The shape and Australian beeswax create a beautiful warm light.

The Tea light candle does not melt the lantern. They are made thick enough to handle the heat of the tea light candle, but still translucent enough to glow.  Also, beeswax does not melt until 65 degrees celcius... the tea light will not generate that level of heat so the lanterns are safe. Our tea lights are perfect because we have made them with a bright “happy flame” so the lantern lights up with a wonderful glow.

Like all our candles, they are hand crafted, one by one. You will enjoy the beauty of a handmade lantern.

A special idea from one of of our lantern lovers... the lanterns float and are ideal for the pool party.

One lantern to have on a dining table, or next to you while reading a book, lighting the paths, BBQ areas...

How to order:

Select the colour you need from the drop-down menu below.

Beeswax lantern: 14cm wide x 13 cm high   $45.00

Comes with a pack of three of our beautiful certified organic tea lights, a glass tea light holder and a packet of pebbles to put in the bottom of the lantern

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

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