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Buddha beeswax lantern- rectangle

Buddha Lantern.

A truly beautiful light from our Buddha lantern.

The Buddha image is on two of the lantern sides and we are very proud of the fine detail. 

This is a solid lantern- the sides are 1 cm thick to ensure they last life's little bumps, without reducing the candle light output. One of our long burning beeswax tea lights is used to light the lantern, but does not melt it. A lantern to light up your world for years to come.

We use the very best of our beeswax gathered from the local beekeepers of Byron, Lismore and the rain forests to the west.

Enjoy throughout the day and night. A calm, still light, perfect for mediation.

Our Buddha Lantern is 13 cm tall, 12 cm wide. Comes with three of our long burn, certified organic tea lights, a tea light glass holder.

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

Buddha Lantern:                   $59.50

includes 3 x certified organic beeswax tea lights & glass holder

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