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12 hour votive made from certified organic beeswax

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Votive candles made from our Australian (local) certified organic beeswax, free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicides.

Sometimes you need a longer burning candle for the whole the day, start at breakfast and fill your home with sweet honey aroma until dinner. 

Burn time of approximately 12+  hours for this candle in the glass holder (glass holder needed for this candle). Beautiful honey aroma (some say floral) from the local, certified organic beeswax.

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Our votive candles come in our reusable cotton drawstring bags. Important to reduce land fill packaging.

4.5cm high x 4 cm wide 

4 x Beeswax votives with cotton bag:  $26.50  only $6.62 each

4 x Beeswax votives and 1 x glass holder in our cotton bag: $29.50

20 x Beeswax votives bulk pack includes 1x glass holder: $118.00   only $5.90 each

 Extra glass votive holders here..

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