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Tall taper beeswax candle sticks made with Australian certified organic beeswax

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Candle sticks are the best all round candle to have in your home. Whether you need a candle for a 10 minute meditation or a dinner party that lasts all night, this is the candle for you.

Slim line, taper shape is a classic. We made this after many requests for a taller version of our smaller taper candle. This one will light your rooms up to 10 hours with a steady flame we are famous for.

Made from our Australian Certified Organic beeswax for non toxic, chemical free candle light.

A number of packs to match up with your candle stick holders.

24 cm tall. Base is 2 cm wide perfect for candle stick holders.

If you candle stick holders are old, and have a narrower opening, the base on these sticks can be trimmed easily.

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