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"Spirit of Byron Bay" candles made from Australian certified organic beeswax

Do you burn candles for 4 hours or more? These are the candles for you.

In our home region of Northern Rivers, beeswax candles are a major part of many peoples lives. It is, as one friend said, part of their spirit.

The "Spirit of Byron Bay" candles are made for the passionate, the ones who burn candles every day and enjoy the company of a warm beeswax flame for long periods of time.

This is rare beeswax. These candles are made from Australian Certified Organic beeswax- Certified by an outside organisation (ACO).

What does this mean? Being Certified Organic means that the beeswax is free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicide. Important for the health of you and your family when burning candles.

The beekeepers that we partner with travel thousands of kilometers to have their bees feed in the most pristine parts of Australia. Wide open cattle country and State forests are their feeding grounds, a minimum of 7 kilometers from any other farms. This ensures the bees don't forage in crops that may have been sprayed with pesticides. This is real certified organic beeswax.

The colour and aroma of the beeswax is amazing, like no other beeswax we have had before: rich yellow/orange due to the flowers they are feeding on. The aroma is just beautiful. Some says sweeter...

And the candle light... like all our candles, has a bright (and happy) flame to  fill your room with beautiful light. Pure enjoyment.

If you live with candles, the "Spirit Byron Bay" are made for you.

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Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

All candles are 7 cm wide.

Five sizes (heights) available, select from menu.

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