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Meditation beeswax candle collection- Made from 100% Australian Beeswax

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$62.10 each
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For all our friends who mediate we have put together a set of the most popular candles used for meditation and Yoga.

The candles included are hand crafted from our local beeswax. The natural honey aroma will fill your room but not "attack" your senses. The key to relaxation.

All our candles have steady flames, not a distracting "flicker". Hand crafted to last many times longer than other types of candles due to our traditional making methods.

This pack includes:

1 x Single Lotus candle- up to 15 hours of candle light.

1 x Floating lotus candle- up to 4 hours of candle light.

4 x 12-14 hour votive for those days you need candle light to light your whole day (or  night)

2 x Glass votive holders.

3 x Tea lights (4 hour ) with glass holder

Meditation candle set : $69.00    Normally $76.00 save $7.00

Packed in a kraft box and sealed with washi tape- perfect gift.

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