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Refill for the Home Pack 250+ hours- candles only.

Remember: NO glass holders in this pack, which are needed for the Votives, Happy lights and tea lights.

If you have purchased the 250 hour Home pack before, you may not want the glass holders included this time around. So, we have made a refill pack, no glass holders, just the candles.

NEW: Now made from our 100% Australian Certified Organic Beeswax to ensure your home is free from any toxic fumes.

Refill pack includes:

8 x  New Votives- beautiful candles to light your rooms. Longer burning: Up to 13 hours of warm glow per candle... 104 hours of candle light in total.

12 x Tea lights (4 hours each). Our wonderful tea lights have our famous bright, happy flame. Perfect for “time-out” or meditation.

7 x Happy Lights. These will light your day. Start at breakfast and they will keep you company for the day. Up to 9 hours each.

1 x Small honeycomb spirit made from Australian certified organic beeswax. A favourite during dinner or to light your family room. Beautiful to watch.

Note: no glass holders- but they are needed- so this pack is only for those who already have glass holders for our Happy lights, tea lights and votives. (if you don't have the glass holders, choose the standard Home pack here)

Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ Local Australian Certified organic beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)
✓ Cotton Wicks - no metal
✓ No palm oil
✓ No canola oil (GMO)
✓ Chemical free beeswax
✓ No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax
✓ Honey Aroma, only what the bees put in
✓ 100% Happy Guarantee

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

Special pricing for refill pack:

Special price:            $129.00     Save $14.00

+ FREE SHIPPING on this candle pack 🎉

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