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Refill for family pack- Certified Organic beeswax. 176 hours of candle light

Remember: NO glass holders in this pack, the holders are unique to us and are needed for the Happy light candles in this pack.

If you do not  have our Happy Light glass holders please choose the standard Family pack (click here) which has the glass holders.

If you have purchase our Certified organic family pack before  you already have the glass holders for the Happy Lights. This pack doesn't have the glass, so you can keep using your current holders and save money on just buying the candles:

14 x Happy Lights- the perfect candle for tea light lovers. Beautiful, bright to light up your table during dinner or drinks with friends.

2 x "Mullumbimby" lights. A perfect beeswax pillar candle for short burn times or long- burn up to 10 hours each.

1 x "Byron light". One of our most popular meditation candles due to it's steady flame. 30 hours of beautiful honey aromas to fill your home.

All pure Australian certified organic beeswax from our local beekeeper. The aroma is unique, described by others as being sweeter and a "fuller" aroma than our other beeswax.

Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ 100% Certified Organic Australian beeswax (ACO certification)
✓ Free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicide
✓ No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)
✓ Cotton Wicks - no metal
✓ No oils
✓ Honey Aroma
✓ 100% Happy Guarantee

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

This pack allows you to try real Australian certified organic beeswax at a special price:

Australian Certified Organic family pack:      $72.00

Normally $80.00 saving $8.00

Remember: NO glass holders in this pack, which are needed for the Happy lights.

If you do not  have the holders then this Family pack is for you.


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