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Buy in bulk discounts for beeswax candles

If you are a big user of candles this is your section. We have gathered all our special pricing together in one spot.

Whether you use candles to light up your home every day or a professional yoga teacher, massage therapist, naturopath or doula we like to help by offering discounts when purchasing in larger quantities.

We have bulk discounts for 4 hour tea lights, 9 hour happy lights, and 12 hour votives: 

84 x 4 hour beeswax tea lights: $134.00  only $1.59 each

20 x 9 Hour beeswax Happy Lights: $59.00 only $2.95 each

20 x 12 hour beeswax votives: $94.00  only $4.70 each


84 x 4 hour tea lights- made from certified organic beeswax: $149.50  only $1.77 each

20 x 9 Hour Happy Lights made from certified organic beeswax: $67.50 only $3.37 each

20 x 12 hour votives made from certified organic beeswax : $102.00 only $5.10 each

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