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Traditional Santa beeswax lantern

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We love Christmas and all the traditions that go with it. Family time.

If you have children you will most likely be waiting for Santa to arrive.

We just love this image of Santa, old school, traditional style. Santa and all the rein deer delivering presents, On our natural, yellow beeswax lantern, it will fill your Christmas table with beautiful soft candle light.

The tea lights supplied make the lantern glow. The lantern is made thick enough to handle the heat of the tea light candle, but still translucent enough to glow.  Also, beeswax does not melt until 65 degrees celcius... the tea light will not generate that level of heat so the lanterns are safe. Our tea lights are perfect because we have made them with a bright “happy flame” so the lantern lights up with a wonderful glow.

Like all our candles, they are hand crafted, one by one. You will enjoy the beauty of a handmade lantern that will last for years and years.

Includes the reusable glass tea light holder, 3 x certified organic beeswax tea lights, pebbles for the tea light to rest on and kraft gift box.


Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ Local Australian beeswax
✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)
✓ Cotton Wicks in the tea light - no metal
✓ No palm oil
✓ No canola oil (GMO)
✓ Chemical free beeswax
✓ No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax
✓ Honey Aroma, only what the bees put in
✓ 100% Happy Guarantee

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

Traditional Santa beeswax  lantern          14cm wide x 13cm high   $54.50

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