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Family pack- Certified Organic beeswax. 176 hours of candle light

176 hours of beautiful beeswax candle light for your family to enjoy. This is a combination of all the candles we currently make from the Australian certified organic beeswax. A collection of our most popular candles:

14 x Happy Lights- the perfect candle for tea light lovers. Beautiful, bright to light up your table during dinner or drinks with friends.

2 x "Mullumbimby" lights. A perfect beeswax pillar candle for short burn times or long- burn up to 10 hours. each

1 x "Byron light". One of our most popular meditation candles due to it's steady flame. 30 hours of beautiful honey aromas to fill your home.

Also included:

6 x glass holders for the Happy lights.

All pure Australian certified organic beeswax from our local beekeeper. The aroma is unique, described by others as being sweeter and a "fuller" aroma than our other beeswax.

Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ 100% Certified Organic Australian beeswax (ACO certification)
✓ Free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicide

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

Packed in a kraft box and sealed with washi tape- perfect gift.

This pack allows you to try real Australian certified organic beeswax at a special price:

Australian Certified Organic family pack:      $95.00

Normally $107.50 saving $12.50

"These are amazing! The aroma is superb. Thank you for finding the true organic beeswax for us to enjoy".


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