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Candlesticks made from certified organic beeswax ± 12 hours

Pre-order your candle sticks... sorry we just can't make enough sticks at the moment. You can pre-order now and we will ship in 7 days.

Alternatively, we do have the smaller (20cm) taper candles in stick here (click).

Beautiful drip-less solid candle sticks:- 25 cm high - Australian certified organic beeswax.

Solid candle sticks are hand poured and solid for long burning times. Beautiful smooth surface in the classic “colonial” design. Longer burning time of ± 12 hours make these candles a classic. Natural, certified organic beeswax used for these candles so 100% chemical and pesticide free.

Drip less candles, no smoke/soot.  Special tapered base to fit old and new candle holders. Perfect for your candelabra. 25 cm high. 18mm diameter at the base

Quick FAQ checklist:

✓ 100% Certified Organic Australian beeswax (ACO certification)

✓ Free from synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides, fungicides & herbicides.

✓ No chemicals used in cleaning beeswax 

✓ Hand crafted by us (Happy Flame)

✓ Cotton Wicks - no metal

✓ No oils

✓ Beautiful Honey Aroma

✓ 100% Happy Guarantee

Kind on sensitive noses and the planet.

2 x Candle Sticks :                              $19.90  ($9.95 each)

6 x Candle sticks :                              $54.50 ($9.08 each)

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