Which candle is right for your home? Candles to match your lifestyle
September 06, 2017

Which candle is right for your home? Candles to match your lifestyle

"Why so many different candles Happy Flame?" Is the start of many conversations we have with friends and customers.

Our range includes all different widths and heights - Pillars, standard tea lights and long burning container candles... which one is ideal for you? 

To help answer this, think about your daily routine and lifestyle - what events do you have during the day at which you would like to use candles? With this in mind, here are some ideas:

Our thoughts and recommendations to choose the right candle for your home:

1. Would you like to fill your home with candle light, all day and night? Our large pillars are made for this. The "Spirit of Byron" pillar candles are made to burn 4 hours or more and creates a big, bright candle light. Turn out the lights, relax and enjoy the calming light and beautiful honey aroma.

2. I don't have 3 hours or more.  Some days you want candle light to cover a quiet drink and dinner time... or maybe a candle to calm the after school madness for a couple of hours (place in the kitchen and see the family settle around it) ? Our smaller beeswax pillar candles called the "Byron Lights" are for you.  Narrower than the "Spirit" candles so it doesn't take as long to burn to the edge, beautiful steady flame to light the kitchen bench.

3. I only have a hour a day to enjoy candle light. The Mullumbimby light or candle sticks are long burning and ideal for short burning times because the wax quickly melts to the edge of the candle. This ensures you don't have "walls" of beeswax hiding the flame. NO "hollowing" out in the centre of the candle.

4. What about tea lights? A standard tea light is only a little candle but because we prepare our beeswax properly, they burn 4-5 hours each. The only limitation of a tea light is that is has a small wick so ideally you only light it once or twice. i.e. Light it and burn for two hours  (or four hours) at a time . If you try to burn any tea light for less than two hours you may have beeswax left over. That is okay, but we like to use all the beeswax because it is so precious. 

5. Happy Lights seems perfect for every occasion? Our Happy Lights are often called 9 hour tea lights but really they are unique. We designed this candle with more beeswax and a bigger wick so that they can be lit a number of times. Perfect for burning over dinner each night or a yoga session.

6. Ten minutes of meditation?  The perfect candle for meditation is a candle stick. I know, it is not what you expected, but the reality is that the candle stick is narrow so it burns to the edge quickly. This means the candle will never have a wall of beeswax surrounding the flame, the flame is always on top of the candle so you can focus on it. Lastly (like all our candles)  it has a calm flame, i.e. it doesn't flicker. No dripping, long burning - up to 12 hours and so very economical. Not always the obvious choice, but once you try them I think you will agree.

7. Outdoors, BBQ, parties, relaxing on the deck?  Our votives candles come with a tall glass to protect the candle flame from the summer breezes. Long burning (12 hours) and beautiful bright light. Mozzie problems, add a drop of organic citronella oil and keep them away.

Our beeswax lanterns are also perfect for outdoors. Our tea lights make the whole lantern glow giving a beautiful soft light.

Of course you are probably thinking that you like to burn candles for all these special times of the day. And that is why so many of our friends and customers choose from our candle packs that have the different size candles.

If you are starting out, though, choose one of our starter packs. They have all the different candles we have discussed here to try. Enjoy.


Still not sure and would like to chat (or more information) about our candles please don't hesitate to contact us. Our phone numbers are here (and email addresses too if that is easier)